Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Aviator" a short film with the 5Dmk2

Here is a short Film I shot yesterday with the new 5Dmk2, what a camera! Really fun to have such control over the depth of field. Behind the Scenes photos to follow. Be sure to click on the "watch in HD" option on youtube.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

RED ONE helicam

Test fitted the RED ONE today and it fits the gimbal no problem. Just need to finish sorting a couple details like the HD downconverter for the downlink and adjusting the center of gravity on the helicopter (man this thing is a brick!) and we should be ready to test fly.

Pretty excited to see the footage off of this thing!


5Dmk2 First test flight on RC helicam

Just got done editing the first test flight of the 5Dmk2 on our Remote Control Helicam. I think the camera did really well (I didn't know how it was going to react to vibration from the helicopter). It was really awesome to be able to use any and all of my Canon Lenses like the fisheye....(hold on to your lunch!)

I also included some behind the scenes footage so you can see what the chopper looks like and how stable it is even in a strong wind. I am loving this camera! So far it seems to do everything I need it to well.

Be sure to watch this in high quality if you can

Monday, December 1, 2008

5Dmk2 in my hands

Got a call from Kenmore Camera saying my 5Dmk2 was in this morning. I tore out of the office and up there to get my hands on this thing. I was really anxious to get it up in the air and see how it performs on the helicopter.

By the time I got there the weather was getting bad so I did not get a chance to fly it yet. Hopefully tomorrow morning.....

First impressions:
*weird shutter noise
*crazy bright/sharp LCD
*nice menu layout
*awesome high ISO
*amazing low light video
*different battery then the old 5D, perfect I would love to carry 5 more packs, ever feel like your life revolves around making sure everything is charged?