Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from Dubai

Finally got caught up and thought I would post some fun photos from our recent jobs in Dubai. Here is Jeff with all the gear....and this is what we consider traveling light. Needless to say we were a bit surprised when our driver showed up in this car. He was pretty sure he could make it fit but it didnt quite happen!I even gave the big cases a good push and just was not going to fit. We were running on no sleep and at one point considered tying them to the roof! We finally tracked down a truck and headed out to the Al Ain Airshow/ AeroGp where we were going to be doing some filming. The airshow was an awesome time, and we got to see some amazing performances and work with some great people. There were some huge crowds and they really seemed to enjoy watching the helicam fly! After finishing up with the air show we did some filming for the arabian canal which is a huge canal being built in Dubai. Lots of sand and interesting places to fly! Dubai was an amazing place to visit, feels almost like you are flying into a scene from Star Wars when you see all the tall buildings poking out above the fog/haze.