Monday, December 1, 2008

5Dmk2 in my hands

Got a call from Kenmore Camera saying my 5Dmk2 was in this morning. I tore out of the office and up there to get my hands on this thing. I was really anxious to get it up in the air and see how it performs on the helicopter.

By the time I got there the weather was getting bad so I did not get a chance to fly it yet. Hopefully tomorrow morning.....

First impressions:
*weird shutter noise
*crazy bright/sharp LCD
*nice menu layout
*awesome high ISO
*amazing low light video
*different battery then the old 5D, perfect I would love to carry 5 more packs, ever feel like your life revolves around making sure everything is charged?

1 comment:

k.smaris said...

Hi I am Smaris from Cyprus
I am impress with your videos
I am on AP-AV project too and i wont to now how do you fix the camera on the mount ?
I mean under the camera what is that blue? shore it's for vibrations
I have 800 size helicam (aericam) and i have ,not all the time vibrations. My email is
Sorry for my English but i will be glad if I have your advice .
I will wait your answer.

My worm regards