Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Aviator" a short film with the 5Dmk2

Here is a short Film I shot yesterday with the new 5Dmk2, what a camera! Really fun to have such control over the depth of field. Behind the Scenes photos to follow. Be sure to click on the "watch in HD" option on youtube.


RickardL said...

I love your clips and to be honest I started to look up costs of a heli like that. But too much right now.

Anyways. What I really wanted to say is that I started this site to get the ball rolling on fixing manual controls for the video on 5D II.

This camera can be so so much and I think most of it is possible with a firmware update.

Rudy said...

after seeing this footage , i am convinced that this is my next camera

I have a question. how is the audio on the camera. does it really have a build in mic or that's not true..

Prometeo said...

Nice video, indeed. Yesterday i started with my new 5D MarkII. I find that full hd recording struggles, though i'm using a SanDisk Compact Falsh Extreme III 16GB (30 MB/sec): it doesn't have a smooth transition between frames.

Could you tell me how to solve this?

thanks and congratulations.

Kirk Pu‘uohau-Pummill said...

I love this little short. It does well to demonstrate the bird's eye view that you get with your whirly bird. Very cool. Can your rig manage two 5d2 cameras?

Tabb Firchau said...


The camera does have a built in mic.


I am using the same CF card without problems. Do you notice the problem when you play it back on your TV or just your PC?


Thanks for the comments! The rig can handle 2 5ds no problem, In fact we have it setup now to fly the Red One which is quite a bit heavier.



Richard @ Red Sky Photography said...

Hey Tabb,

Congrats on the footage and vids they are nothing short of incredible and very inspiring. I am having trouble tracking down a joker 2 here in Ireland or europe for that matter...

Was there much modification need for the gimbal to be attached to the heli? I have the moeny to get the setup so I'm going to go ahead and try to rig one up myself.

Can you also recommend a good RC copter for me to invest in to learn about their flight so that I am prepared for the £6500 eye in the sky?

Thanks Tabb chat soon!


apad 2 said...

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