Thursday, December 4, 2008

RED ONE helicam

Test fitted the RED ONE today and it fits the gimbal no problem. Just need to finish sorting a couple details like the HD downconverter for the downlink and adjusting the center of gravity on the helicopter (man this thing is a brick!) and we should be ready to test fly.

Pretty excited to see the footage off of this thing!



Archerphoto said...

Your blog is really interesting. I had this idea time ago, but I thought it'd be impossible. Looks fine! Congrats!

Tabb Firchau said...

Thanks! I look forward to testing the RED and seeing what kind of footage we can capture with it.


Sgarr said...

Tabb, having drilled more than my share of craters with various r/c helicopters, props. Strapping a One up is ballsy.

Are you flying a Bergen, or something else?

Tabb Firchau said...


We are using a modified maxi joker 2 electric helicopter. Since it is electric it produces no engine vibration and allows for some silky smooth footage.

I know what you mean about craters....:)

r. anthony said...

A friend of mine just sent this to me. He's a Canon guy Im a Nikon guy. Its tempting to convert with the 5d mkII. Really great vid. Loved the flying shots. Ballsy as hell with that investment strapped to it. r.Anthony

CrystalEagle said...

Great stuff! I always thought about this idea... but thxs someone like you guys did it brilliantly! I m on pre-production of a short sci-fi/fantasy film here in the UK and I'll require some aerial shots - got everything storyboarded! There's any chance we could hook up and discuss a possible collaboration in a near future? Again, congratulations for the excellent work :) Frank

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Lamar. Im thinking of starting a helicam buisness.I am not sure about some things. was thinking about the trex 450 or 500 with Sony a55.the Sony has panorama sweep and a remote you can buy for taking the pic and it has hd.The one thing I can't find is the right gyro camera mount?Could you give me some beginer pointers? Thanks

Билеты Формула 1 Валенсия said...

This can't really have effect, I think like this.

Erik said...

Muy bueno su proyecto.

Yo soy de un pueblo pequeño de Jalisco, en México, espero algún día poder hacer tomas de video de mi pueblo con un equipo similar al de ustedes. Quisiera hacer un documental.